PV Junction Box

PV Junction Box

Model No. SPJ-18

Delicate, concise and safe, an optimal balance of performance and price, contracted but not simple; Sidewall compressed O-ring helps the box easily reach IP67; The perfect combination of D2PARK circuit packaging and copper heat dissipation technology motivate the whole appliance; The one-way breathable film technology balances the inside and outside temperature and pressure. Safe connection and solar panel protection are its primary responsibility. Approved by TUV and UL, and universally accepted. QC Solar, innovation everywhere!

Product SPJ-18
Rated Voltage IEC 1500V/UL1500V
Rated Current (J/D) IEC15A/20.2A/25A (UL30A)
Glue Volume 3*8.5mL
Application Class Class A
Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃
Protection Degree IP68
TUV Certificate NO R50431824
UL Certificate NO E312223
Flame Class 5VB

PV Junction Box

Model No. SPJ-20

SPJ-20 is designed with full irrigation. A solar module that is suitable for single polycrystalline 5 and 6 cells for high power. There are six sets of bus-bar output ports, which are welded. At the same time, the Junction box can reduce the power loss of the component and improve the reliability of electrical connection.

Product SPJ-20
Rated Voltage 1500(V)(TUV)
Rated Current (J/D) 20A , 25A
Working Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃
Security Level Class ||
Water Proof Structure Pouring Sealant
Glue Amount ~ 24 ml
Protection Grade IP68
Application Cable 4mm2
Bus-Bar Width <=8mm
Bus-Bar Connections Welding
Port Centre Distance 10 mm
Metal Materials Copper
Insulation Materials PPO/PA66
Dimension 63.5*24.5*17.5mm,67.6*24.5*17.5mm,63.5*245*17.5mm
Optional Connector SPJ-18, MC4 EVO2
Installation method:

1. The junction box is sticky: The silica gel with a certain specification and type is applied, and the thickness of the silicone layer is 0.6 mm, which is based on the right amount of glue. The junction box is kept in a horizontal position while the junction box is bonded.

Bus-Bar Installation:

2. The confluence bar is aligned with the junction box port, and then bends the flow bar downward, allowing the confluence bar to be fully exposed to the metal pieces.

Bus-Bar Welding:

3. In the welding process, ensure that the wire and metal plates are welded firmly and reliably.