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Solar Power Plant

Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce from all the fields to manage the current business situation, our marketing network supports retail outlets on all the states of India. The share of renewable energy in total power generation is expected to increase from 6.5% to 15% by 2019 and there is a significant scope for companies in this space. A 78.1% of India`s Wind Energy potential and 99.6% of solar energy potential still remains untapped, pointing towards a tremendous growth potential in the renewable energy industry The 100,000 MW ( 100 GW) solar installations Goal set recently by Government of India and Make in India scheme has also definetly will have a Good successful bright future for our business plan.


Karnataka, India

Proposed Capacity

50 MW (Initial Stage)

Commissioning Time line

Begining of 2017

Module Supply

Sahaal Power HK

Module type:

Poly crystalline 250 W/Mono- Crystlaine 260W


Yet to be announce

The Government of India proposal for amendment in building bye-laws for mandatory provision of roof top solar for new construction and 10% renewable energy provision for end-customers under the new scheme of Ministry of Urban Planning and so Good business potential are available. Sahaal Group of Companies are doing the preliminary steps for the setting of Solar Power plant with Power Generation capacity of 100 MW in Two phases each 50 MW in Karnataka, India, We are in the process to obtain the necessary permission and approval for the setting of plant as well as doing the preliminary request is in progress for bidding the contract from State Government of Tamil Nadu, India and setting up under Group captive scheme/open access. The commercial power generation of the phase-1 (50 MW) will be started in April 2016 and followed by the setting of the phase-2 (50 MW) will be started for the power generation in April 2017